How to play Satta Matta Matka and Know the steps, tips & tricks

Kalyanji Bhagat, The inventor of this number-based game in the early 1960s, says Satta means gambling, and Matka means a large pot containing random chits with numbers. This game is a game of random selection of numbers and bedding, and By using the Satta Matka tips and tricks, players increase their chance of winning. The random number generating technique has changed every year. Even the rules and regulations for the game have many changes. Now many people play this game with playing cards for selecting a random number from it. Now, most casinos have these kinds of games.

Explain the basics of Satta Matta Matka?

This game starts with the Matka, which contains numbers from 0 to 9 in chits. Every player should take three random numbers from the Matka, and then the three random numbers should be added together by players. After adding the total, the player should consider the second digit only, and it should be with the selected random number. Like this, the player should choose another set of numbers. These are the two batches of numbers needed for the next lucky draw.

If the group number matches with the winning number, then that person is the winner. Now the game has many changes in the rules and practices. Instead of drawing a random number from Matka now, people use many other options for playing this Satta Matka game. The players have various choices to guess: open, close, Jodi, panel, Sangam, jackpot. And there is an unbreakable trick that has been a secret till now. By using these guessing, people can win in the Satta Matta Matka game.

Where did this game begin?

This Satta Matta Matka takes place on the opening and the closing rate of cotton in the new york cotton exchange. They transfer information from the new york cotton exchange to the Bombay cotton exchange through teleprinters. Choosing the correct lucky number is the primary need, and the player gets all the amount when they choose the right winning number.

There are two types of Satta Matka: daily Satta Matka and the six days in a week Satta Matka, which Ratan Khatri introduces. Every game will get a Weekly Satta Matka Chart for prior calculation for the next Satta game. By following all the strategies and perfect analyses, one can increase his winning percentage. Most of the successful person who won these game follows these techniques only.

Explain the need for guessing in this game?

Satta Matta Matka Guessing

Guessing is pure luck and experienced-based work. Smaller stacks are always the best choice to play with because they will give profit, and if not, the loss will be lesser. Goal calculation before playing is essential for good gameplay. The player requires simple mathematic skills to play this game. Only the experienced and knowledgeable person can win in this game, and luck is vital for winning. The Satta Matka is also popularly known as the Ankara-Jugar, which means figures gambling. In this game, both experience and luck are two eyepieces to view success. Without these eyepieces, we cant view the beauty of success.


  1. Define Open result?

Ans: the open result is one of the outcomes of the betting result.

  1. What is Panna?

Ans: The three-digit winning number from the betting result is called Panna.

  1. What is Pair?

Ans:  the digits from the sequence of 00 to 99 are the pair in Satta Matta Matka.

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